1. On the Notecards Tabletop view, click Print and select the export format you want on the dropdown list.

If you want to print only one (or few) notecards or/and a notecard pile, first select the notecard(s). Selected notecards are displayed with an orange rectangle around them.

2. After you have selected your print export option, select your print options on the next screen and click Submit.

3. If you chose Word or RTF export format, a file will automatically download to your desktop.

4. If you chose Web page export, a new window will open with your notecard contents (be sure you do not have a popup-blocked preventing a new window from opening).

5. If you chose Google Doc export, you may be prompted to log into your Google account, and Google will create and open a new document with the notecard content.

NOTE: Exporting to a Web page will keep images and formatting in your notecards intact. The other export options will eliminate images and formatting to different degrees (in the case of RTF, the result is just a plain-text document).