The Search field at the top-right of the Notecards screen allows you to find the notecards that are linked to a specific source in your bibliography; or that have keywords, tags, a color, or visual cues that you are interested in; or for notecards created by a particular collaborator.

For a keyword search, NoodleTools searches for the text you type in notecard titles, direct quotation, summary/paraphrase, and my ideas fields. When TagSourceColor, or Cue is selected, a menu will list the terms available to search. For example, when Tag is selected, the menu displays all the tags created in the project.


After you click Search, the notecards that match the criteria will be selected (displayed on the tabletop with a orange border).

If some notecards were previously selected, you will be asked whether you would like to replace the selection with the results of the search or append the new search matches to your existing selection.

After you conduct a search, the number of matching notecards can be determined by looking at the orange # selected count on the bottom-right corner of the Notecard Tabletop. Click Clear in that area to unselect all notecards.

The results of a search can help you organize your notecards efficiently. For example, you might want to create a notecard pile with all notecards that have the tag “habitat.” To do so, simply search by tag “habitat” to select those notecards, then click the Manage Pile above the tabletop to create a new pile containing those notecards. See 
How to create and manage notecard piles.