A notecard pile is a group of notecards that share a common theme, support an idea, or center on a particular topic. On the Notecard Tabletop view, a pile is displayed as a stack of notecards with a number indicating how many notecards are in the pile.

Notecard piles can only be created and manipulated on the Notecards screen.

This article covers the following topics:
  1. Create a new notecard pile
  2. View and modify a notecard pile
  3. Delete a notecard pile
  4. Rename a notecard pile
  5. Reorder notecards within a notecard pile

Create a new notecard pile

Notecard piles can be created by dragging one notecard on top of another notecard in the Notecard Tabletop view, or by clicking Manage Pile above the Notecard Tabletop.

To create a new pile using Manage Pile:

  1. On the Notecard Tabletop, select the notecards you wish to pile*.
  2. Click Manage Pile.
  3. Click Create new pile and enter the name of the new pile.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. The new pile appears in the upper left corner of the Tabletop.

* To create an empty pile (that you can add notecards to later), follow the above steps without initially selecting any notecards on the Tabletop.

View and modify a notecard pile

Notecard piles can be expanded on the tabletop so that you can work with individual notecards within the pile. To expand a notecard pile, hover your mouse over the pile and click Expand in the summary popup.

To view the full content of all of the notecards in a pile, switch to the Notecard Detail view and view-select the pile title by clicking the notecard titles in the left panel.

To remove a notecard from a notecard pile, select a notecard in the expanded view of the pile and drag-and-drop it outside the pile.


Or, if you want to add it into a different pile, drag-and-drop the notecard onto another pile on the tabletop.

Delete a notecard pile

To delete a notecard pile, clear any current notecard selection(s), then select the notecard pile and click Delete above the Notecard Tabletop.

NOTE: Deleted notecard piles are not restored. If a notecard was in a pile when it was deleted, the notecard will be restored as a stand-alone notecard on the Tabletop when recovered.

Rename a notecard pile

To change the title of a pile, click on the notecard pile’s title. This will place the title in edit mode. Change the title and click outside the title (or press Enter) to save.

Reorder notecards within a notecard pile

1. Hover the mouse over a notecard pile and click Expand to display the expanded view of the pile.

2. Click on a notecard within the pile and drag-and-drop it to a new location within the pile. Notecards in the pile will automatically move aside as necessary to allow you to insert the notecard between them.