You may have a source in a different project that can be used in your current project. Here's how to copy sources between two projects. 

1. On the Sources screen, find the entry you wish to copy and, on its Options menu, select Copy.

2. On the Copy Citations screen, you have two copy options:

  1. Put a copy of the reference in the project you have open.
  2. Put a copy of the reference in another project in your account.

NOTE:  If you choose to copy the reference to a different project, it can only be copied to a project of the same citation style and equal or higher level (e.g., a reference in an APA Junior project can be copied to another APA Junior or Advanced project, but not into a Starter-level project or into an MLA or Chicago-style project).

3. Click Copy.

Copying multiple references at once

1. On the Sources screen, mark the checkboxes to the left of the references you wish to copy.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Copy.

3. On the next screen, follow the directions to copy the item to the project you have open or into a different project. (See above image.)

4. Click Copy.