Quick cite lets you copy and paste a pre-formatted source reference from a website or online database.

Note: See also how to import a citation from a Gale database, or import a book source information from WorldCat.

When you create a new source, look for Quick cite at top of the form.

Click the link "Copy & paste a citation" to switch to a form with a text area.

1. Copy your pre-formatted source reference into the "Manually-edited citation" text window. 

2. Follow the steps in the yellow box to review and make corrections where needed. 

3. Use the formatting "Guide" (blue tab) at top of the page to help you.

4. Entering the publication or copyright date of the source will help sort the entry in relation to your other references. If you leave the field blank, NoodleTools still does its best to parse the date out of the reference you have pasted in.

5. If you use an URL in your citation, enter the URL in this field so NoodleTools will know where to find it when you click "View live web page" on the Source page. Make sure your URL is a permalink. 

When you click the button "Save," the reference appears in the source list with a note at the bottom of it, "This is a copy of a preformatted citation." This note does not appear when the bibliography is exported or printed.

NOTE: Quick cite does not automatically generate an in-text reference or a footnote for a pre-formatted citation.  Please refer to the in-text reference or footnote format instructions under the Options menu on how to create one manually.