If you have not set up a project inbox for your students, see “How to set up an inbox and work with projects shared with you.”

Click the Inboxes tab and the name of the project inbox you wish to view.


A new tab will be displayed with the inbox’s title, and the project(s) shared with the inbox (collaborative or not) are listed. For a collaborative project, the Shared By column displays the team members. Click the link "and other.." to view all the names of the members.

In keeping with good assessment practices for collaborative work, we help you monitor individual student contributions. For example, on the Sources screen, under each reference displays the specific student who created that reference.

Similarly, on the Sources screen, when displaying the notecard associated with a reference, the creator is displayed under History.


When you add a comment to a collaborative project, all team members associated with the project will see your comment and have the opportunity to make the necessary changes. If you wish to address your comment or question to a particular student, be sure to make that clear (i.e., include their name) in the comment you write. See “How to comment on projects shared with your assignment inbox.