Your teacher may ask you to share your project. This gives your teacher the ability to look at your work and send you helpful feedback. On your assignment sheet, your teacher will tell you the inbox’s name to use when sharing your project. 

See Troubleshooting at the end of this article for answers to commonly asked questions.

To share your project follow these steps: 

1. On your project's Dashboard, in the Sharing area, click "Share with a project inbox."


2. In the field Project inbox enter the inbox’s name that your teacher gave you. The name will auto-complete as you begin to type, and once you see the right one, select it from the list.

If you already created a new paper or your project, click the box "Share paper" below your name to share the paper with your teacher. 

You will be prompted to log into your Google or Office 365 account. Return to the Dashboard and reload the page. Both the project and paper is now shared with the teacher's inbox. 

On your My Projects screen, the project you shared will have a checkmark in the Shared column. if you do not see the checkmark, reload the Projects screen.

When a teacher views your shared project and leaves new comments about your work, you will find all of them in the Recent comments area at the bottom of your Dashboard screen. See How to write and respond to project comments (the basics) to learn how to post new comments and respond to them.


You cannot find your teacher's inbox. 

Ask your teacher for help. if your school district is using NoodleTools at more than one school, check your profile under "My account" to make sure your school is correctly listed. 

Your project is shared with the wrong inbox.

You can still try again and add the correct inbox to your dashboard. Click the button "Share with a project inbox." Ask your teacher or librarian to remove your project from the wrong inbox (only they can remove it).