NoodleTools is a Web-based tool, which means that teachers, students and professionals can access and edit their work from any computer with Internet access. There is no software to install on your own computer or your school’s server – only a Web browser is required to access the NoodleTools site.

While NoodleTools will work with other browsers and browser versions than the ones listed here, we do not support those alternative configurations.

  1. Chrome: All recent versions (PC or Mac)
  2. Firefox: All recent versions (PC or Mac)
  3. Safari: All recent versions (Mac only)
  4. Internet Explorer: Versions 10.x and higher (PC only)

Cookies must be enabled in your browser. 

NoodleTools Companion - Mobile app

iOS version: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Android version: Requires 2.3.3 and up.

iPad users: Subscribers can use the full functionality of NoodleTools by accessing the site through a Web browser.

How do I enable cookies in my browser?

NoodleTools requires that cookies are enabled in your browser. Depending on your platform (PC or Mac) and the browser you are using, the procedure for turning cookies on varies slightly.


NOTE: We do not store any personal information in the cookies that we create. Cookies maintain the state of your NoodleTools session as you traverse from screen to screen.



  1. In the browser, navigate to the URL chrome://settings/content
  2. Under Cookies, verify Allow local data to be set is selected.


    1. In the browser, navigate to the URL about:preferences#privacy
    2. Check the box next to Accept cookies from sites.

      Internet Explorer (PC)

      Select Internet Options... from the Tools menu. Select the Privacy tab.
      • Option 1: Click Sites. Enter “” into the field and click Allow.
      • Option 2: Click the Advanced.... Make sure the box next to Override automatic cookie handling is checked. Select Accept option under First Party Cookies and under Third Party Cookies.

      Safari (Mac)

      • Select Preferences… on the Safari menu. Click Security at the top of the Preferences window and check the box next to either Accept cookies: Always or Accept cookies: Only from sites I visit.