Want to save your class some time? An option in the subscription management area allows account administrators to import a batch of student accounts into NoodleTools. 

Note: "folders" is the same as "accounts."

This option is not available for schools/districts that use G Suite or Office 365 SSO to authenticate into NoodleTools. 

Log into your NoodleTools administration area and click User Management. Under "Import personal folders (batch)" click the link "Click here."

Follow the simple directions on screen to specify folder (a.k.a account) information (personal ID;password) for each account you wish to generate. 

Up to 1000 accounts can be created with each batch. 

If you are unsure how to organize your import, we recommend that you organize batches by graduation year. Description of new batch would include the graduation year. 

If all of the students belong to a particular graduation class, describe the batch by the graduation year, e.g. [schoolname_graduationyear]

You can also batch new accounts by the account (a.k.a "folder") type, either by student or teacher. 


If you are creating new accounts district-wide, select from the Associate with menu the name of a particular school in your district to link the batch to. 

A default password is required, even if you already set a password for each ID. If this field is empty, the import will not work.

In the Import field organize the data with new ID on each line. You have two options, create a new account without a password, or one without a password. (It may be easier to start inputting the data in a spreadsheet, save it as a text file (delimited with semicolon if including passwords), copy and paste the information in the Import field.)

Option 1: Password for each ID is provided.  (Even if an unique password is provided, a default password must be used to create the batch.)




This would result in 3 new student folders associated with your subscription, for example:

Personal ID: Student1  

Password: password1

Personal ID: Student2 

Password: password2

Personal ID: Student3 

Password: password3

Option 2: No password is given. In this case the default password you provide is added in its place: 




This would result in 3 new student folders associated with your subscription, for example: 

Personal ID: Student1  

Password: defaultpassword


Personal ID: Student2 

Password: defaultpassword


Personal ID: Student3 

Password: defaultpassword

If something is wrong (e.g., a personal ID already exists, a password is too short, etc.), a message will appear to let you know what needs to be changed. After you make the necessary modification(s), just click Import Folders again. You can create up to 1000 accounts per batch, and each batch is tagged with the date and a description (the graduation year is recommended) that you provide, allowing you to view the folders in a particular batch at a later date.

Updating existing folders

At the bottom of the screen, above the Import Folders button, you will find a checkbox "Update password, location & grad year for any user that already exists." When this checkbox is checked, any personal ID that you import that already exists under your subscription will be updated with the password, school/location and graduation year that you specify in the import (and default values) fields.

This allows you to re-import the same batch of Personal IDs year to year, if passwords need to change for the students.

Note that you can also edit the school/location and graduation year of a group of accounts by doing a search under User Management, then marking the checkboxes next to the accounts you wish to edit (or clicking Select All at the bottom of the search results) and clicking Edit Folders. However, this mechanism does not allow you to change the passwords for the accounts (this can only be done by editing account by account, or by re-importing the accounts as described above).