This applies if your school is using username/password authentication. 

It is usually not necessary to delete individual student accounts over the summer. Instead, simply change the school/library password as described below.

The feature:

If you are a NoodleTools account administrator, you have the ability to change the subscription password(s) for your school/library through the subscription management area. You may make the changes at any time, although most likely you will want to do so over the summer vacation each year.

The reason:

Changing the subscription password(s) is to prevent students who have graduated from continuing to use your school's or district's subscription. Once you change the password, users MAY be required to "revalidate" their folders the next time they log in to NoodleTools (see next section for the exceptions).

The user experience:

When you change the subscription password, users who have existing folders associated with your organization will be flagged as "need to revalidate." Whether or not they are prompted to manually revalidate their folder depends on how they are authenticated into your subscription. If authenticated via IP or referring URL authentication (or through a proxy server), the student's folder will be automatically revalidated, and they will log in as normal. However, if they are not automatically authenticated, they will be brought to a new screen after they enter their personal ID and password that prompts them to enter the organization's current username and password.

Do I have to?

While we do not absolutely require you to change the password(s) annually, we do strongly recommend it.

How do I change the password(s)?

Follow these steps to change your organization's password(s):

  1.  Log in to your subscription management area
  2.  Click "Subscription Management"
  3.  Click "Change Subscription Password(s)"
  4.  The date that each password was last changed is listed. Change the password(s) and click Save changes to finish. Passwords must be at least 3 characters in length, but other than that, there are no restrictions.