If you have been using NoodleTools MLA Lite, and now you wish to subscribe so that you can use the full product, follow these steps to transfer your work to the new account (and keep the same Personal ID):

1. Change the Personal ID associated with your MLA Lite account by signing in at my.noodletools.com and editing your user profile under My account. This will allow you to create a NEW account with the Personal ID you want (for example, if your ID is "myID" you could change it to "myID_old" or "myID_free"). 

2. Sign out of your account.

3. Go to my.noodletools.com. Click Register to create a new Personal ID. When you see the new Projects page, sign out of this new account.

4. Sign in to your old MLA Lite account and use the Copy feature to copy any projects you created there into your new subscription account. Sign out. 

5. Sign in to your new account my.noodletools.com and you'll see the projects there and continue to work in them.