A summary of major changes in NoodleTools as of August 2016. Check out the Solutions area for updated tutorials. 



  • Modernized interface
  • Option to run NoodleTools under https (more secure)
  • Improved responsive design for iPad and tablet users
  • Fewer screen loads – most project and dashboard actions edit in-place


  • Teachers view shared projects from new Inboxes tab
  • "Show archived projects" toggle


  • Support for MLA 8
  • Citation actions now in a space-conserving Options menu 


  • Tabletop view
    • New notecards appear directly on tabletop
    • Multiple notecard piles can be expanded on screen
    • Birds-eye tabletop view moved to upper right and can be closed
    • Click to select notecards (no more ctrl-click)
    • Allow empty notecard piles to use later
    • Color tags apply color to entire notecard
  • New "Detail" view (view full content of notecards, and move them into the outline)
  • Notecards can be exported directly to a Google Doc
  • Notecard editing
    • Notecards auto-save
    • Notecard "manage versions" option allowing user to revert notecard back to previous saved version
    • New editor for the Quote/Paraphase/Ideas fields with better iPad usability
    • Notecard fields (quote, paraphrase, my ideas) display clear instructions (customizable)
    • Image files can be uploaded and inserted
    • YouTube videos (or other embeddable video content) can be inserted


  • Outline area can be expanded or closed as needed 
  • Outline topics are drag-and-drop 
  • Outline can be exported directly to a Google Doc

Student Collaboration

  • Real-time sync when working on notecard tabletop and outline
  • Dashboard displays each collaborator’s contribution to the project (number of notecards, sources, and comments)
  • Option to sort sources and identify notecards by who created them
  • Students can write comments to collaborators

Sharing and Comments

  • New comments panel allows for easy identification of new comments
  • Students can exchange feedback with teacher and student collaborators
  • Teachers can customize notecard instructions for each inbox