Note: This option is available only in the NoodleTools Premium subscription. 

To change a project's level, go to your My Projects screen, and do either one of two ways: 

  1. Click the link in the "Level" column.
  2. Select "Change level" under the Options menu. 


On the following window that appears, select the level you want and click Submit. 


That's it! 

If your project is a collaboration

The change would be done by the student who created the project. First make sure all students are not working in the project. You can check who is in the project at the moment under "Who's online" next to the project's name. Then, the student who started the project would change the level - follow the above instructions. Once it is done, the collaborators will need reload their Projects screen, will note the project has been upgraded to the new level and they can open it.