Follow these steps to successfully export a Gale prepared citation into NoodleTools:

  1. In one browser tab, open the NoodleTools project you are working on and navigate to the Sources screen.

  2. In a second browser tab, open Gale's database and navigate to the article you wish to cite.
  3. On the article's page, in the right-hand navigation list, click "Citation Tools."
  4. Under "Export to," select "NoodleTools" and click "Export" (note: the selected citation style in the database does not matter -- the citation style will match the style of the NoodleTools project you are importing into).
  5. A new browser tab titled "NoodleTools Import" opens (check your pop-up blocker settings if a tab does not open).
  6. At the bottom of the "View/Import Sources" page, check that the project listed in the "Import" dropdown list is correct.
  7. Click "Import references."
  8. At the top of the page look for a green confirmation: "1 reference successfully exported to project..."
  9. Close the "View/Import Sources" tab and return to the tab containing your NoodleTools project.
  10. Reload the "Sources" screen to view your imported citation.