If your school or college has enabled access to NoodleTools through Office 365, you can register and access NoodleTools without the need to remember a separate personal username and password. This tutorial covers these topics: 

  1. Logging into NoodleTools
  2. Account setup
  3. Registering your account
  4. NoodleTools Companion
  5. Unlinking a NoodleTools account from an Office 365 account

1. Logging into NoodleTools

Open NoodleTools from a customized link for your school, which looks similar to this:


...where “abc” in the URL would be replaced by your school’s/district’s Office 365 domain. Note that if your “student” domain is different than your “teacher” domain, there would be two separate URLs for this purpose.

Alternatively, you can enter your Office 365 email address under the "Access via G Suite / Office 365" area of the main login screen (on the right side), then click the button "Sign In with Office 365"  below it.

You may be prompted to select your Office 365 account if you aren't already logged in, or you are logged in to multiple accounts. 

If this is not your first time logging in this way, you will be automatically logged in and see your My Projects screen. 

If this is your first time logging in this way, go to 2. Account setup below to create a new account or link an existing account to your Office 365 email address.

2. Account setup

What you will see when you log in the first time with your Office 365 depends on few different factors, including how we've configured your subscription and whether your subscription is for one school, multiple schools, or a whole district/consortium.

If your subscription covers multiple schools, you may be prompted for one or more details as part of Account setup: Step 1. In cases where we don't require this information, you will automatically skip this step and go directly to Step 3 (see "Registering your account" below).

If prompted, identify the subscription you are logging in under (the school or district name) and the name of your specific location (the school, if the "subscription" was the district, a consortium name, etc.).

If the subscription covers just a subset of schools in a larger district, you may be prompted to enter a 6-digit school code. If required, this school code is provided to the school when we activate the subscription.

Click the button "Continue" to go to Step 2. See 3. Registering your account below on how to register a new NoodleTools account, or link a previously-created account to your new Office 365 email address. 

3. Registering your account

Under Account setup: Step 2, "I am a student or library patron" is selected by default. If you are a teacher, select "I am a teacher or librarian" (this option includes the Assignment Inbox feature that allows students to share projects with you).

A. New user 

(If you have an existing account, go to the next section.)

If you are a new NoodleTools user, leave the "Create account" tab selected (default) and click the button "Create Account."

On the next screen, under "Update Profile," select your graduation year (and name of your school, if necessary) and click "Save Profile."

The next screen will be My Projects in your new NoodleTools account.

B. Linking to a previously-created account

If you have an old account that you previously accessed using a Personal ID and password (i.e. from a trial or from the subscription before Office 365 authentication was enabled), select the "I have an existing account" tab. You will be prompted to enter your old Personal ID and password. 

If you do not remember your password, your librarian or NoodleTools administrator can reset it for you (clicking the "Forgot your old password?" link opens our help page for administrators "How to reset a user's password in the admin area").

Click the button "Link Account." NoodleTools will link your old account to your Office 365 ID and take you to the My Projects screen with your saved projects. 

4. NoodleTools Companion

If you use Office 365 to authenticate into NoodleTools, you can also access the NoodleTools Companion iOS/Android app. Locate the "Companion Key" in your NoodleTools user profile (under "My Account > My Profile") and use that key as the password for logging in to the app (in conjunction with your Office 365 email as the username).

5. Unlinking a NoodleTools account from an Office 365 account

If you go through the screen to link an existing account or create a new account, and then realize you’ve made an error, you can unlink the account from your Office 365 account to start over. For example, you might have linked to the wrong ID/password (sometimes students have made multiple accounts), or you may have created a new account when you meant to link to an existing one. See this article on how to fix this issue.