The first time a teacher or student logs in after August 1st (to an account used the previous school year), she or he is required to “revalidate” the account. If your school/district is using automatic authentication (proxy server, IP authentication, G Suite, Office 365, Clever), this revalidation process will be transparent. However, if automatic authentication is not in place, the user will see a screen after logging in that asks them to revalidate.

The screen allows the user to bypass the revalidation for up to 3 weeks. During that three-week period, a Skip Revalidation For Now button is available. After that date, the screen will no longer allow the user to skip that step — the school’s current username/password must be entered to continue. If automatic authentication occurs at any time during or after this period, the revalidation process will be complete.

The purpose of revalidation is to allow only current students to use the school’s or district’s subscription. Remember to change the subscription password for your school/district if you haven’t done so for a long time (in the admin area under “Subscription Management > Change Password(s)”).

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