To switch a MLA Lite account to a school's NoodleTools subscription, please follow the steps below (If your school uses G Suite or Office 365 for access, see How to switch a MLA Lite account to use your school's G Suite or Office 365): 

  1. Log into your MLA Lite account and, under your Personal ID in the upper right corner of your screen, select My profile, change your Personal ID to something else - it must be unique. (Remember this ID for Step 6 below.)
  2. Log out and click Register on the login screen (if you are prompted for the school's username/password, ask your teacher or librarian for this information)
  3. Select "An account linked to a school/library subscription or trial" and click Continue.
  4. Follow the directions to create a new account. You may use your original Personal ID (before you changed it in MLA Lite). Click Register.
  5. Once you reach the My Projects screen, sign out.
  6. Log into the MLA Lite account again.
  7. On the Projects screen, mark the checkboxes next to all projects and click the "Copy" button at the top of that screen.
  8. Choose the "Copy to another user's folder" option and enter your MLA Lite ID there, then click the Submit button. When NoodleTools tells you the projects have been copied, log out. 
  9. Log into the new account and resume your work on the project. You'll now be able to share your project with your teacher's inbox, collaborators, use notecards and much more!