A student notes notecards/sources are missing from her or his project. Here are few things the student, teacher, or librarian can do to look for them: 

1. Check the project history log

On the student's project's dashboard, in the Project details section, under "History," click "30-day log of work done on this project."

In the log's "Action" column, look for the notecards/sources that were first added to the project and scroll up the log to see what happened to them. 

2. Restore deleted work

If they were deleted, the notecards or sources can be restored by clicking "Undelete" at the top of their respective screens.  

3. Locate them via the bird's-eye viewer

If the notecards are recorded as added to the project but are not visible on the Notecard Tabletop, check the bird's-eye viewer in the upper right corner of the tabletop. If there are grey/black squares outside a blue square, drag the square over to their location and the notecards/piles will come into view.

If you cannot still find them...

If these notecards aren't showing up in the log, but the student can identify each notecard or sources by title, what it contains, and an approximate time and date for each notecard created, send this information, the project's name, and the student's NoodleTools ID to the Help Desk and our team will investigate further. 

Note to NoodleTools administrators: The administrator can review student work activities in the NoodleTools administration area under User Management. Search for the student's ID and, under search results, click "log." It is identical to the log on the student's project dashboard, but covers ALL projects linked to the user for the past 90 days.