If a student or teacher has forgotten their personal password and needs it reset so that they can access their account, that can be done through the administration area for the school:


The username and password for the administration area is typically provided to the primary contact (often the librarian) for the school's subscription when the subscription is activated. Contact NoodleTools support if you no longer have it.

Once logged in to the administration area, click "User Management" and search by the user's Personal ID (username) or other criteria. In the search results, click on the user's hyperlinked Personal ID. On the next screen, enter a temporary password in the "Password" field and click "Save Changes." Note: single-sign-on users (those who enter via G Suite, Office 365, Clever) cannot be edited in this manner, since user logins are managed externally to NoodleTools in that case.

The user will now be able to access that user account via the Personal ID and the temporary password.