In your project, open your Sources screen.

When you find an article in NewsBank you want to cite, click the Cite button above the article. 

On the next screen, click NoodleTools.

NewsBank will load the NoodleTools import screen. The citation style displayed will match the citation style of the NoodleTools project that you currently have open.

If there are errors in the imported data, you will be able to make edits to it after you import the reference to your project. Click the "Import references" button to complete the import.

When the reference is imported, NoodleTools confirms with a green message box. 

Close the the import screen browser tab to return to the Sources screen. Reload the page to view the new source reference. The entry will note that the reference was imported from the database, which helps remind you that you may need to make some edits. 

This citation needs editing. Select Options > Edit from the blue menu to the right.

On the citation form, make any necessary changes. In this case:

1. Add a section title (optional).

2. Remove city/state from the title of the name of the news source. For a local newspaper, provide the city in the "Publication city" if it is not already part of the name of the newspaper.

Corrected version: 

Save the changes and you're done!

Some important notes about NewsBank meta-data 

(i.e. what to pay attention to when editing your references after importing):

Every database has certain quirks in their meta-data, since databases often aggregate articles from 3rd-party sources. In the case of NewsBank, the things you will likely need to edit after importing are:

1. The author(s). The names are passed to us in one big string that we cannot process automatically, so you'll likely need to break the author names up into the appropriate first/last name fields.

2. The title of the news source. Many of the titles include extra info, like the city/state in parentheses, so just remove the elements that aren't part of the "real" title.

3. Audio and Video sources in NewsBank are actually just links to external content (not actually sound or video sources within the database). You'll notice that when you import an audio or video-type source, NoodleTools does the right thing and cites it as audio/video content from a website (not from NewsBank). However, you'll want to replace the NewsBank URL that is imported -- change it to the external web page URL where that audio/video source is really located.