Overview: Depending on what you are working on, notecards can be viewed and edited from (a) the Notecard Tabletop View, (b) the Notecard Detail View or (c) the Sources screen. When you are visually organizing notecards into groups and piles, you will be using the Notecard Tabletop View.  

This article applies to: 

✔︎ NoodleTools School Subscription

✔︎ NoodleTools Individual License

NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express


Step 1:

Navigate to your project's Notecard Tabletop View screen.

Step 2:

Locate the notecard or a notecard pile.

If you do not see your notecard or notecard pile, you may need to scroll the tabletop area up or down (the tabletop area extends beyond the initial view). On smaller screens and tablets, the tabletop area may scroll to the right somewhat as well.

If the notecard is on a different page, click the page's tab at the bottom of the screen to jump to that page. Each tab has a number that indicates how many notecards you have on that page.

Step 3:

Double-click the notecard to open the Edit notecard window. If the notecard is in a notecard pile, click the triangle icon to expand the pile, then scroll to the notecard and double-click to open it. 

Step 4:

Click the Save and Close button when you are done to return to the Tabletop View.