Overview: Depending on what you are working on, notecards can be viewed and edited from (a) the Notecard Tabletop View, (b) the Notecard Detail View or (c) the Sources screen. When you want to view the content of multiple notecards from notecard piles, use the Notecard Detail View. The Detail View is also helpful when you are dragging notecards into the outline, since you can view the full notecard as you decide where it belongs in the outline.

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Step 1:

Navigate to your project's Notecard Detail View screen.

Step 2:

Your notecards are listed in the panel on the left, organized by pile.

Unpiled notecards are listed first, followed by the notecards in each pile (if any). If you do not see your notecard or notecard pile, you may need to scroll the list area up or down.  

Step 3:

Click on the titles of notecards in the left panel to view their contents in central area. An eye icon next to the title lets you know the notecard content is currently displayed.

To display all the notecards within a particular pile, click on the pile's name. The eye icon will appear next to each of the notecards in the pile to indicate that they are all displayed.

Click the notecard title (or pile title) again in the left panel to hide the notecard(s) in the central area. The eye icon will disappear.

Step 4:

To edit a notecard in this view, click the blue Edit button on a notecard in the central area.  

Step 5:

Click the Save and Close button when you are done to return to the Detail View.