Overview: Occasionally you may wish to do something with several notecards at once (e.g., print them, move them into a pile, link them to a source, or delete them). This can be done most efficiently from the Notecard Tabletop View (and printing can also be done if necessary from the Details View).

This article applies to: 

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✔︎ NoodleTools Individual License

NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express


Step 1:

In the Tabletop View, mouse-over a notecard and click the checkmark in the upper left corner (it will turn green to indicate the selection). When the checkmark is clicked, it selects the notecard and a "Notecards selected" bar appears at the top of the screen, highlighting the number of notecards selected so far.

Step 2:

To select more notecards, click on their checkmark. The number in the "Notecards selected" bar is updated. To unselect a notecard, uncheck any checkmark. To unselect all notecards, click "X" on the floating bar.

Step 3:

Click "Print" in the "Notecards selected" bar to export just the selected notecards. Note: Printing multiple notecards can also be done from the Details View if necessary, by marking the checkboxes next to notecards in the left panel on that screen.

Click "Manage" to add the selected notecards to an existing pile, or to create a new pile containing that group of notecards. 

Click "Link" to link the selected notecards to an existing source citation.

Click "Delete" to remove the selected notecards to your trash can. If you accidentally delete a notecard, you can click the "more options" icon button (three dots) at the top of the screen and select "Undelete" to recover it.