Overview: NoodleTools provides a number of ways to visually organize your notes, which becomes helpful when you are working on larger projects. Adding tags, visual cues, and color to your notes can help with organizing and finding information in them.

This article applies to: 

✔︎ NoodleTools School Subscription

✔︎ NoodleTools Individual License

NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express


Step 1:

In the Tabletop View, mouse-over a notecard to open the toolbar beneath it.  

Step 2:

To add a tag to your notecard, select the Apply tag ("#") icon. A "Tags" search window appears. Enter a tag for your notecard. If this is a new tag, click "Create <tag>". New tags are automatically added to your tag list. If this is an existing tag, check the box next to the tag to apply it. You can add any number of tags to a notecard. 

To add color to your notecard, select the Apply color icon. An assorted color palette appears. Select a color to apply (the currently-applied color will have a checkmark). To remove color from a notecard, click the color that has the checkmark in it. 

To add visual cues to your notecard, select the Apply cue icon. Select a c from the menu of six predefined cues that appears. The cue's icon will display on the notecard. You can add any number of these cues to a notecard.