Overview: When you create a notecard from the Tabletop or Details views, be sure to identify the source the information came from

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Linking a notecard to the proper citation is automatic when creating the notecard from the Sources screen. There is one extra step, as described below, when creating the notecard from the Notecard Tabletop View or Notecard Detail View. If you need to quickly link multiple notecards to a source at once, you can do that in the Tabletop View.

On the Sources screen: 

Click the "New" link in the "Notecards" column to create a new notecard. The source is automatically populated in the "Source" field.

In the Notecard Tabletop or Detail View

When creating or editing a notecard, choose the proper citation from the "Source" field. Note that the source citation must be created first -- you cannot add a new source citation from the "New/Edit notecard" window. 

Linking multiple notecards to one source:

In the Tabletop View, mouse-over notecards and/or notecard piles and click the checkmarks in the upper-left corner (it will turn green to indicate the selection). The "Notecards selected" bar displays the number of notecards selected.

Click "Link" in the "Notecards selected" bar. Select a source citation from the dropdown list in the "Link to source" window to link the selected notecards to the source citation.