Overview: Copy and paste the author's exact words, or embed an image or video.

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Select one chunk of text with an idea or evidence you want to use. Copy and paste it into the "Direct Quotation" field.

Tip 1: Keep chunks of text short

If you expect to quote the author exactly, include the text around it to give you context. This will also help you analyze the quote in the next field. 

Limit each notecard to a single topic or idea, to make outlining easier.

Tip 2: Choose a strategy for capturing text

Option 1: Only fill in the "Direct Quotation" fields initially

You'll complete notetaking from a source quickly. You'll probably discard some of these rough-draft notes as irrelevant when you refine your topic.

Option 2: Complete all three fields as you create each notecard

You'll learn about your topic as you go.  More notes will be relevant and useful when you're done.

Tip 3: Getting the most from the "Direct Quotation" field

Reread the author's words several times. Rereading helps you understand information more deeply.

Annotate the author's words in ways that help you. Highlight an important phrase, color-code pro and con evidence, or bold a word you need look up. Marking-up text helps you analyze the information.  

New leads. Sometimes the text will mention another source. Copy that immediately into the "My Ideas" field so you can follow up.