Overview: "My ideas" is a thinking space. You've understood the author's words, now interact with them. Push back, question, reflect and predict. Here's where you build “voice” and motivation. Personalize the information and work towards creative synthesis.

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Tip 1: Think broadly. 

  • What questions bubble up?  
  • What hunches do I have?
  • What might I predict?

Tip 2: Think closely.

  • What inferences am I making? 
  • Does this fit with what I know?   
  • How does this compare with other sources? 
  • What am I missing?
  • What don't I understand? 

Tip: 3: Think strategically.

  • What should I follow up?
  • Who else can help?
  • What's my plan?
  • What's a "to do" for tomorrow?