Overview: In MLA and APA styles, include an in-text citation any time you quote, paraphrase/summarize or refer to a source. In Chicago style, a footnote is added instead of an in-text citation, but the purpose is the same. Your NoodleTools notecards keep your direct quotation and paraphrase/summary separate from your own thoughts (in the "my ideas" field), to remind you that those items usually require in-text citations or footnotes.

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In-text citations and footnotes can be created either from the "More" (three dots) menu next to a citation on the Sources screen...

...or via the link on the Edit Notecard screen. Note: this option is not available in NoodleTools MLA Lite.

MLA and APA styles use in-text citations, whereas Chicago style uses footnotes. When you click to create one via the options above, the window may prompt for a page or volume number in order to customize the example so that you can copy and paste it directly into your paper.

Important note: Example in-text citations (or footnotes) are not available for sources where you have created the citation via QuickCite (i.e., copied and pasted a preformatted citation).

Below the example, detailed instructions guide you through special cases and other modifications that may be necessary depending on the rest of the sentence and the other entries in your source list.