Overview: After you create a source citation, you have the option to add an annotation. Check with your teacher if you aren't sure whether or not to annotate your sources. See also "My teacher has asked me to include annotations. What does that mean?"

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Step 1:

When adding or editing a citation, scroll down on the citation form to the "Annotation" box.

Step 2:

Type your annotation. 

Important note: The annotation is auto-saved as you type if you are editing an existing citation. Since the annotation does not auto-save when you are creating a new citation, you may want to create the citation first and then edit it to add your annotation, if you are planning to spend more time writing a long annotation. To view or revert to earlier saved versions of an annotation, click the Manage versions toggle at the lower-right corner of the "Annotation" field.

Step 3:

Click Save to save both your citation and its annotation.

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