Overview: In NoodleTools, you will create one project in NoodleTools that contains all your citations, notecards, and other work (outline, attachments, etc.) for a 

This article applies to: 

✔︎ NoodleTools School Subscription

✔︎ NoodleTools Individual License

✔︎ NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express


Step 1:

On the Projects screen, click the green New Project button in the upper-right corner. The "Create a New Project" panel opens.

Step 2:

Project title
Enter a brief description that will help you remember the contents or purpose of this project when you see it later among other projects in your account.
Citation style
Select the citation style you will use for this project. If necessary, ask your teacher or instructor before choosing between MLA, APA, or Chicago. You will be able to change the style later if you need to, but it is always best to start with the citation style your teacher wants you to use. Note: if you are using NoodleTools MLA Lite, the style is automatically set to MLA and this option is not available. 
Citation level
Select the level for your project. As a general guide, we recommend:
  • Starter: Elementary school or middle school ESL learners
  • Junior: Middle school or high school ESL learners
  • Advanced: High school, college, graduate school, and professional

Note: If you are using MLA Lite, the level is automatically set to Advanced and this option is not available.

Step 3:

Click Submit. Your new project appears at the top on the Projects screen. Clicking on the project title will bring you to the Sources screen where you can start adding your source citations.