Overview: An assignment inbox is what allows you to view (and provide feedback on) student projects. Think of NoodleTools as "project-centric" (as opposed to a tool like Google Classroom that is "class-centric").

Please rea"How to share a project with your teacher." to understand how sharing a project with an inbox works from a student's point of view. 

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In your teacher account, to enable your students to share their work with you, create an inbox for each project you assign, and for each class/period of students. For example, you might create an inbox titled "Anderson ENG101 2021 P2 Final Project." Your ENG101 period 2 students would share their final projects through this inbox.

Step 1:

On the Projects screenclick "Inboxes" in the left blue panel (see "Hint 2" below if you can't find "Inboxes" in your account).

Step 2:

On the Inboxes screen, click the green New inbox button. 

Step 3:

In the panel that opens, enter the inbox name (required), then fill in any of the other optional settings.

Inbox name
Enter a name for the inbox. The name must be unique to the school(s) under your NoodleTools subscription. We suggest including: (1) your last name, (2) the class and/or project name, (3) the year/semester, and (4) the period number. It is ok for the title to be long -- it will auto-complete as students start typing it in.
Additional recipients
If there are other teachers or librarians who need to review and/or comment on the projects shared with this inbox, enter their personal IDs. They will see the shared projects on their Inboxes screen, just as you do.
Links to display to students
If there are any assignment-related links that you want students who share a project with this inbox to see, enter a description and URL for each one. Some suggestions: assignment calendar, project assignment sheet, web page with suggested resources, a blog or wiki for the assignment.
Modify notecard instructions
By default, we display some clear instructions on what students should enter into the three notecard fields (direct quotation, summary/paraphrase, and my ideas). Depending on the project, you might wish to replace that text with your own customized instructions.

Step 4:

Click Submit.

Step 5:

Share the inbox's name with your students. For example your assignment sheet might say: "Share your work with me using the inbox name "Anderson ENG101 2021 P2 Final Project." See also "How to share a project with your teacher."

Hint 1: 

You cannot share a project with your own inbox. So if you are attempting to test how this works, you'd need to do so from a different user's account.

Hint 2: 

If you aren't seeing the "Inboxes" option in the blue left panel, you are likely using a student-type account. If your account is empty, you can simply register a new account selecting the "I am a teacher or librarian" option. If you have already composed a project within your account that you wish to keep, contact your account administrator, who can convert your account to a teacher-type account through the administration area.