Overview: To navigate efficiently between student projects in an inbox, the Inbox Navigator is an important tool. 

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Step 1:

On the Inboxes screenclick the plus icon to the left of the inbox's name to expand the list of projects shared with that inbox.

Step 2:

Notice the values in the "Status" column, which indicate whether the student has made any changes since the last time you opened that project.

  • "New": The student shared the project with you, but you haven't looked at it yet.
  • "Viewed": You've looked at the project, and the student hasn't made any changes since then.
  • "Revised": The student has made changes since the last time you looked at the project.

You can click on those status links to view additional details about the timing of when the project was shared, when you last viewed it, and when the student last made changes.

Step 3:

Click on a project to open and review. When you are ready to move on to the next project, click the blue "Inbox Navigator" tab near the top of the screen. This opens a panel that allows you to choose the next project to look at in the same inbox. Note that when you click on one, it will bring you to the same screen in that new project that you were viewing (Sources or Notecards) in the previous project.

Step 4:

Instead of opening the Inbox Navigator tab and manually choosing a project to open each time, you can click the green arrow (">") icon on the right side of the Inbox Navigator tab. This will simply navigate to the next project in the inbox that has been changed since you last reviewed it.

It will also let you know if you are up-to-date (meaning you've viewed all the projects that have changes).