Overview: If you have a NoodleTools account from a previous school year, you may be prompted to "revalidate" the account before you continue to use it this year. 

This article applies to: 

✔︎ NoodleTools School Subscription

 NoodleTools Individual License

 NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express

Note: If your school uses single sign on (Google, Microsoft 365, Clever) for access to NoodleTools, you will never be prompted to revalidate your account (and the instructions below do not apply).


When you see a prompt to "revalidate" your user account, the next step depends on whether or not your school uses automatic authentication (via on-campus IP ranges or a proxy server). You might need to check with your teacher or librarian which of these (if any) are used at your school.

If your school uses on-campus IP authentication, skip the authentication step and then log in once from on campus to automatically revalidate your user account for this school year.

If your school uses proxy authentication (like through EZproxy) to access NoodleTools, close the browser tab, then open a new one and click the special proxied login page link that your school/library provides (rather than just going directly to www.noodletools.com and clicking Log In). Logging in once through the proxied URL will automatically revalidate your user account.

Your school may have a special link to NoodleTools on a protected web page, for which we have set up something called referring URL authentication. Clicking the link from that protected page will also automatically revalidate your user account.

If your school does not use automatic authentication, you'll need to obtain the school or district username and password from your librarian or teacher, to enter them on this revalidation screen (see highlighted fields below). Once you are successfully logged in your account, it is revalidated for the rest of your school year.


You are allowed to skip the revalidation step for up to 3 weeks (the last day of that 3-week grace period is given on the screen). Click Skip Revalidation for Now and proceed to your account. After that date, the screen will no longer allow you to skip revalidation. Ask your teacher or librarian for the username and password information. No work is lost or deleted – you are simply not permitted to log in until you revalidate.

The purpose of revalidation is to limit NoodleTools access to students who currently attend the school. If you are a recent graduate and your new school does not have a NoodleTools subscription, consider purchasing an individual subscription to continue using NoodleTools for your work.