Overview: If your school or college has enabled access through Microsoft 365, signing in to NoodleTools is simple and you won't need to remember a separate username and password.

This article applies to: 

✔︎ NoodleTools School Subscription

 NoodleTools Individual License

 NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express


Step 1:

Begin by entering NoodleTools via either of these two options:

Option 1: Direct link 

You can open NoodleTools from a customized link that matches your school's Microsoft 365 domain (the part of your Microsoft 365 email address after the "@"). The link is constructed like this:


...where "abc.edu" in the URL is replaced by your Microsoft 365 domain. Note that if the "student" domain is different than the "teacher" domain, there would be two separate URLs for this purpose.

Option 2: "Microsoft 365" button on the NoodleTools sign in page 

Click the "Microsoft 365" button on the sign in page at: 


Step 2: 

You may be prompted to select your Microsoft 365 account if you are not already logged in or if you are logged into multiple Microsoft 365 accounts.

If you've logged in this way before, the NoodleTools Projects screen will open and you're done! If you have not entered through Microsoft 365 before, the "Account Setup" window will open. 

Account Setup window, step 1: 

If your subscription covers multiple schools, you may need to select your specific school from a dropdown list. In some cases, you may also be required to enter a "school code," which is a 6-digit password specific to your school (ask your teacher or librarian if you don't know it).

In cases where we don't require this information, you will skip step 1 and be taken directly to step 2 of Account Setup.

Account Setup window, step 2:

Option 1: Creating a new/empty account

If you are a new user, leave the "Create account" tab selected (default). Choose "I am a student or library patron" (default) or "I am a teacher or librarian." Click Create Account

Option 2: Linking to a previously-created account

If this is the first time you are entering NoodleTools through Microsoft 365 but you logged in previously via a personal ID and password (i.e., your school has switched to use Microsoft 365 for access recently, or you had a trial account), select the "I have an existing account" tab instead of "Create account." You will be prompted to enter your old Personal ID and password. Click Link Account. NoodleTools will link your old account to your Microsoft 365 ID. 


If you complete the "Account Setup" step and then realize you’ve made an error, you can unlink your NoodleTools account from your Microsoft 365 ID to start over. For example, you might have linked to the wrong ID/password (sometimes students have made multiple accounts), or you may have created a new/empty account when you intended to link to an existing one. To unlink your ID, go to your user profile, click the link icon in the left blue panel, and click Unlink on the right.   

Accessing the NoodleTools Companion app: 

To access the NoodleTools Companion iOS/Android app, locate the "Companion Key" in your NoodleTools user profile and use that key as the password (and your Microsoft 365 email as the username).