Overview: There are a number of ways that schools configure NoodleTools to allow students to log in. If you're having trouble, check with your teacher or school librarian. 

This article applies to: 

✔︎ NoodleTools School Subscription

 NoodleTools Individual License

NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express

If your school uses single sign on (Google, Microsoft 365, Clever, Classlink) for access, do not follow the steps in this article -- just click the associated button on the NoodleTools login screen to enter.


Step 1:

To register, our system needs to identify that you are entering through a school's active subscription. Schools use a few different methods to verify that, so check with your librarian if you aren't sure which of these are enabled for you (there can be more than one in place):

Case 1: Your school uses on-campus IP authentication

Our system automatically detects that you are using a computer that is on the school campus, so just click the link Register on the NoodleTools sign in screen.

Case 2: Your school uses EZproxy (or similar proxy) authentication

Your school provides a special "proxy" link that that might look something like this: 

https://ezproxy.somedomain.edu/login?url=https://my.noodletools.com/login/signinOpen NoodleTools through that special URL and click Register.

Case 3: Your school uses referring URL authentication
Your school has a special page or section of the school website that is accessible only to students and teachers (i.e., it is protected from public view), and there is a link to NoodleTools on that protected page. Open NoodleTools from that link and click Register.

Case 4: Your school uses username/password authentication
Your school has not set up one of the more automated mechanisms in cases 1-3 above, so upon clicking Register, you are prompted for the school's subscription username and password. If you don't know the username and password, you'll need to obtain them from your teacher or librarian.

Step 2: 

Under "About You," keep "I am a student or library patron" selected if you are a student. Teachers will change this to "I am a teacher or librarian" (which allows them to create assignment inboxes and receive student work). 

Step 3: 

If your school is under a larger district or consortium license, you may also need to select your specific school from a dropdown list. If you are a student, select the year you expect to graduate. 

Step 4: 

Under "Choose a Personal ID," select a personal ID (username) and password that you will remember. You will need to enter these to access your NoodleTools account. The password is not case-sensitive and must be 4 or more characters long. Do not share this password with your classmates.

Step 5:
Enter the last four digits of your phone number and your initials. This information is used as verification data if NoodleTools or your teacher needs to find your account or help you reset your password. If you are a college student, you will be prompted to enter your email address. 

Step 6: 
Click Register. The Projects screen will opin your new account.