Overview: When you add a link to an online document (Google Doc, Word Online Doc, etc.) as an attachment to a shared NoodleTools project, you also need to verify that the students or teachers with access to the project have permissions to view that document.

This article applies to: 

✔︎ NoodleTools School Subscription

 NoodleTools Individual License

NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express


Step 1: 

In your browser, go to Google Drive and open the Google Doc. 

Step 2: 

Click the blue Share button.

Step 3:

On the "Share with people and groups" popup, enter the email address(es) of the teachers or collaborators who require access (if you aren't sure of their email addresses, or a number of people at the school will likely need access, skip to Step 4). You can define what permissions each person has by selecting Viewer, Commenter or Editor from the dropdown menu to the right of each email.

Step 4:

By default, Google documents are shared with "Restricted" status, meaning that the only people who can view your document are the specific ones you add. If you wish to allow anyone at your school/district/organization who has the document link to be able to view it (so that you do not need to add individual email addresses), you can select that option in the "Get link" section of the popup. For example, in the screenshot below, we are are permitting anyone in our organization to view the document if they have the special document link. Click Done to finish.