Overview: By default, the Inboxes screen displays inboxes last edited in the current school year (using July 1st as the cut-off date). This keeps the view clean, displaying only the active inboxes you care about. It works the same way for projects.  

Note: This school-year filtering replaces the old mechanism of manually "archiving" older inboxes.

This article applies to: 

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At the top of the Inboxes screen, in the dropdown filter displaying the current school year, select a different school year. Inboxes last used during that school year are displayed.  

The Inboxes screen is paginated, so if you have more than 20 inboxes associated with a particular school year, use the page numbers at the bottom-right to navigate through them as needed.

Note: If you have a inboxes associated with a previous school year, opening it and saving a change will automatically move it into the current school year view, for easy access after that.