If your school or district uses ClassLink, you can install a ClassLink app that allows students and teachers to log in to NoodleTools through their ClassLink accounts (SSO means “single-sign-on”), without the need to authenticate into the school/district subscription or to remember a separate personal username and password.

Step 1: Requesting ClassLink
Before you add NoodleTools to your ClassLink LaunchPad, you will need to inform the NoodleTools team that you are going to be using ClassLink SSO. We will coordinate with you to make sure the option is turned on for your school/district properly. Note that ClassLink SSO will not immediately work when you add the app on your side – we must be notified and enable it on our side for the integration to work.

Email support@noodletools.com with your ClassLink integration request and include your ClassLink Tenant ID. Once we confirm, move on to step 2 below.

Step 2: ClassLink Management Console

1. To add NoodleTools to the user's ClassLink LaunchPad, the administrator will open the ClassLink Management Console. 

2. Select Applications > Add & Assign Apps in the panel on the left. Then click the blue "App Library" button at the top. 

3. In the App Library, search for "NoodleTools." Click the Add button for the OAuth2 app (NOT the "Form Post" one).

4. On the Assign Application screen, add the users who will be using NoodleTools. 

5Once the users are added, the NoodleTools app appears on their ClassLink LaunchPad.