OverviewAs the teacher, when you review a collaborative project in your inbox, you may want to know which student created a citation or notecard. 

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1. To view the number of citations, notecards, and comments each student authored: 

Step 1:

On the Inboxes screen, click on the names in the "Shared By" column for the project in question.

Step 2:

In the "Student Collaboration" panel that opens, each student is listed along with the number of citations, notecards, and comments they contributed. 

2. To view who created each citation or notecard in a project: 

On the Sources screenclick the eye icon and mark the "Update history" checkbox. Below each citation, you'll see who created it and when, as well as the most recent date it was edited. 

Note that you can also mark the "Notecards" checkbox if you'd like to view the creation/update information for those as well. Alternatively, you can view notecard history from the Notecard Detail screen (just click that same "eye" icon and be sure "Update history" is checked).


On the Projects screen, clicking the date in the "Updated" column displays a 30-day log that shows what each student added/edited/deleted and when. This can be helpful to determine who edited a citation or notecard, since the "Update history" option only displays who originally created it.