OverviewRefleq is an online reflective journaling application that allows a teacher to assign metacognitive prompts across any inquiry project, then view student responses to inform instruction. 

Schools that subscribe to both NoodleTools and Refleq can take advantage of our integration, which allows a student to embed their Refleq journal into a NoodleTools project. Through the NoodleTools assignment inbox view, a teacher gains quick, real-time access to the journal as they review a student's research progress.

Some helpful links:

Refleq for IB schools

Refleq for independent (6-12) schools

Refleq home page

Refleq contacts

This article applies to: 

✔︎ NoodleTools School Subscription

 NoodleTools Individual License

 NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express


Step 1:

In Refleq, the student clicks Share on the project journal screen to obtain and copy the secure URL for that journal.

Step 2:

In NoodleTools, the student opens her NoodleTools project and clicks Refleq Journal in the blue side-panel. 

Note that this option will only be visible in a student's account if the NoodleTools/Refleq integration has been enabled -- if your school subscribes to both and students do not see it, please contact NoodleTools support.

Step 3:

Clicking the green Add Refleq Link button at the top-right pops up a window where the student can paste the Refleq journal URL from step 1. Only Refleq URLs are accepted here (they will start with https://my.refleq.com/reflections/....)

Step 4:

After entering the URL and clicking Link, the journal content will be visible. A teacher reviewing the project through an assignment inbox can read the journal via the same Refleq Journal link in the blue side-panel.