Overview: In the NoodleTools upgrade in 2021, we removed the Google/Microsoft 365-specific Paper functionality and replaced it with a more flexible Attachments module. 

This article applies to: 

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✔︎ NoodleTools Individual License

 NoodleTools MLA Lite

 NoodleTools Express


Since the final product of a research project varies, Attachments lets you link all kinds of files to your project:

  • Uploaded local files (e.g., Word .docx files, GIF images, Powerpoint files)
  • Web documents (e.g., Google Docs, Google Slides, Word Online docs)
  • Online multimedia (e.g., a YouTube video, an infographic, or a set of Web pages you created)

To learn how to use Attachments and share documents with project collaborators and teachers, please see these tutorials: